OVID OVIQ3 Release Date: 17 September 2018

The following Offshore Vessel Inspection Questionaire templates are now available to integrators within the OCIMF Staging Environment:

  • + Template 7108 - MODU2
  • + Template 7109 - OVIQ3
  • + Template 7111 - OVIQ3 (Small Craft)

The templates are currently available within the OCIMF Staging Environment and will be released to the OCIMF Production environment on the 17 September 2018.

Please ensure that this message is passed to your IT departments so that any updates to vetting systems may be performed prior to this date.

Full details of the OVID template releases are available in the OCIMF API Documentation site at https://docs.ocimf.org/.

Source: www.ocimf.org