Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

MM-Marine Consulting & Services Company Ltd.



MM-MARINE CONSULTING & SERVICES COMPANY LTD. is committed to manage and continually improve our safety, health, environmental performance and quality with the overall goal of having no injury or occupational illnesses to people, preventing pollution of the environment, no damage to property and satisfying our Clients.

To achieve this business ethic, we will:

  • Identify, mitigate or remove risks.
  • Perform all work with due regard to the safety and health of own and other personnel.
  • Ensure that our services to customers and society at large have a positive impact on health, safety, environment and quality.
  • Continuously reduce the environmental impacts from our business operations, e.g. travelling, waste generation, emissions, use of resources and energy.
  • Undertake initiatives to encourage MM-MARINE CONSULTING & SERVICES COMPANY LTD. employees, customers and society to accept increasing responsibilities for health, safety, environmental performance and quality.
  • Select our sub-contractors based on their ability to provide services in compliance with our policies and standards for health, safety, environmental performance and quality.

These will be the guiding principles in our execution philosophy, procedures and commercial agreements.

This policy is applicable to all services, projects, operations, subcontractors and MM-MARINE CONSULTING & SERVICES COMPANY personnel in Vietnam and worldwide.

Le Duc Trung
Dated: 10 May 2022